Smart Energy Care System About Teltron

Teltron Inc., is an advanced company that leads a high value-added business through the development of high-tech products.


  1. 2019
    1. Nov.

      Obtained KS certification (KS C 7653 Recessed LED Luminaires and Fixed LED Luminaires)

    2. Oct.

      Obtained KS certification (KS C 7657 LED Sensor Luminaries)

    3. Apr.

      Developed fire detection LED lamp

  2. 2018
    1. Jun.

      Received order for delivery of IoT living room lighting for the Korea Land & Housing Corp. (LH)

    2. May.

      Completed toxicity meter development and obtained CE certification

  3. 2017
    1. Dec.

      Developed light bulb-type sensor light

    2. Oct.

      Developed particulate matter measuring device

    3. Mar.

      Integrated semiconductor technologies for MW sensor

  4. 2016
    1. Aug.

      Won the “Encouragement Prize” at the Military Venture Business Idea Contest / Defense Agency for Technology and Quality

    2. Jan.

      Developed IoT-linked module

  5. 2015
    1. Oct.

      Developed a flashlight for military use, pesticide residue measuring instrument, and a parking display light

  6. 2014
    1. Jan.

      Released LED sensor light series with built-in RF sensors

  7. 2013
    1. Jun.

      Released Clean-Bar, a portable fruit and vegetable washer

  8. 2012
    1. Aug.

      Fluorescence spectroscopy designated as an “excellent product” / Public Procurement Service

  9. 2011
    1. Dec.

      Certificate of performance issued for “ATP measuring instruments” / Small and Medium Business Administration

    2. Nov.

      Obtained the Green Technology certification

    3. Jun.

      Obtained the New Excellent Technology (NET) certification for bacteria measuring devices

  10. 2010
    1. Dec.

      Released the bacteria measuring device, Clean-Q

  11. 2009
    1. Nov.

      Obtained FCC certification

    2. Oct.

      Obtained CE certification

    3. Feb.

      Won the “Excellence Prize” at the Digital Innovation Awards / Korea Venture Industry Association

  12. 2008
    1. Apr.

      Obtained recognition as a specialized enterprise for materials and components

  13. 2007
    1. Aug.

      Completed development of the ETC chip and RF module for ETC terminals

    2. Jun.

      Completed development of the motion sensor module

  14. 2006
    1. Dec.

      Obtained ISO 9001 certification for the first time

    2. May.

      Designated as a promising small and medium business for exports

  15. 2005
    1. Dec.

      Obtained ISO 14001 certification for the first time

  16. 2003
    1. Jun.

      Won the “Silver Prize” at the Semiconductor Layout Design Contest / Korean Intellectual Property Office

  17. 2002
    1. Oct.

      Won the “Development Award” at the Excellent Electronic Components Awards / Korea Electronics Association

    2. Jul.

      Designated as an “Excellent Business” through Joint Venture Business Rating in Private Economic Circles by the Federation of Korean Industries, obtained “Grade A” INNO-BIZ certification

  18. 2001
    1. Dec.

      Obtained the KT Mark from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the IT Mark from the Ministry of Information and Communication

  19. 2000
    1. Jul.

      Established the annex research institute, Communication Circuit Research Center

    2. Mar.

      Company established